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logoWelcome on Biron's website - Bienvenue sur le site du Marché Biron - Bienvenidos al sitio internet Biron - Willkommen auf der Internet-Seite des Biron - Benvenuto sul sito internet de Biron - Приветствуйте на сайте web Рынка БиРона - ようこそウェブサイト市場ビロンに - 歡迎網站市場比隆- مرحبا بكم في موقع السوق بيرون - קבלת פנים על האתר של אינטרנט של השוק בירון

History of the Market

Some time after 1870, the Paris rag-and-bone men moved outside city limits for public health reasons. They then settled between the fortifications and the first houses of Saint-Ouen village, where, every sunday, they spread their wares flat on the ground
In 1908, this popular "Flea Fair" became reachable by the metro.
1920, the "Puces" dealers began selling from enclosed stalls, and then Biron, Vernaison, Malik and Vallès Markets were created.
The gypsies, who worked as chair-canners and guitar players in these markets, took to Afro-Amrican music and invented manouche jazz, which was ever since been closely associated to the Puces' identity.
After 1945, junk dealers and rag-and-bone men gave way to brocanteurs (second-hand furniture dealers), antiques and clothes dealers. Thirteen other markets opened between 1945 and 1991.
Marché Biron was established in 1930 and is internationally recognised as one of the most prestigious art markets in france. Biron's highly respected reputation is based on the in-depth knowledge of its specialist Art and Antique dealers and the high quality of the works of art, antiques and objects they present. In a setting that is both relaxed and refined, comme take your time and discover the boutiques, the shops and the beautiful works of art, antiques and objects of centuries passed.


Biron Antics Flea MarketBiron Market is a prestigious old Antique Market in which 220 antique dealers invite visitors to share their passion for furniture, jewellery, assorted items and the graphic arts ranging from the 17th century to modern design.
On this website, you can :
- check our antique dealers' catalog,
- check the list of all the antique dealers,
- find some practical informations.


Le Marché Biron - 85 rue des Rosiers
93400 Saint-Ouen
Tel. : +33 1 40 11 59 69 - Fax : +33 1 40 10 13 08


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